What might we do to help our clients’ events going forward as planned?

Event Power LA now provide our clients with events already on the calendar with our overview of steps client and Event Power LA may take to ensure to the highest-possible level of certainty the health safety of all attendees.

Last week Event Power LA published a brief blog offering up documents published by the World Health Organization. These two pamphlets provide key considerations for mass gatherings and, in a separate document, interim planning for mass gatherings.

It’s our view that the 189 pages comprising both pamphlets – 180 for the former, 9 pages for the latter – provide productive reading for event planners, DMC’s and those thinking about, initiating and planning any size event.

However and in particular, the pamphlet entitled Interim Planning Considerations for Mass Gatherings in the Context of Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 Influenza is brief and very useful. Yes, this pamphlet was written in 2009 but, in Event Power LA’s opinion, is every bit as relevant today and in respect of Covid-19.

The high-level points to World Health Organization interim planning for events are listed below.

  • Risk assessment
  • Planning and coordination
  • Detection and monitoring of event-related pandemic influenza
  • Reducing event-related transmission of pandemic influenza
  • Medical management of persons with influenza-like illness
  • Distribution of public health messages

We encourage all involved in event design, planning and management to review these dry but informative documents with a view to implementing and sharing with clients your action plan to ensure to the highest-possible level of certainty all attendees’ health and, with added precautionary measures, events go forward toward client’s desired outcomes.

Published by Power Businesses

Power Businesses is comprised of Event Power LA and Flower Power LA. Event Power LA is an event design, planning and management services company serving all of Southern California. Flower Power LA is Southern California's premier floral and decor design studio serving Fortune 500 companies, private parties, and Hollywood movie and television productions.

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