What price a joyous wedding day?

Congratulations on your engagement! 

If you’re anything like all of the brides we’ve had the pleasure to work with, your desired outcome for your big day is that your wedding will be gorgeous, you’re going to look absolutely radiant and you’ll share and enjoy this most-joyous day with delighted family and friends.

Now it’s time to get to work planning your wedding day and before you take another step, and as you’d expect of us, we’re advocating you retain the services of a wedding planner, preferably Event Power LA. There is much to do, people to interview starting from about 12 months from your big day and then there’s the wedding day and honeymoon.


Our experience is that struggles between bride, groom and the prospective in-laws will surface to one degree or another when reconciling your wish list with available funds. Fret not as you will get through this process but we encourage you to generate a budget from the outset complete with a variance allowance as, no fault to you, surprises come up.


Reviewing and selecting your venue at least 12 months in advance, especially in view of the fact that many weddings originally planned for 2020 are going forward in 2021 and wedding venues are being snapped up at an amazing pace.

We encourage you to lock down your venue as a first priority.

Hiring Vendors

Who will create and serve food, tend bar, provide flowers, entertainment, park guests’ cars, tables and chairs, linens, flatware and cutlery, glassware, transportation, and myriad other goods and services that go into the production of the most-important day of your life?

Wedding Dress

Guests will inhale and exhale a collective ahh as they witness you walk down the aisle. Again, and due to all the postponed weddings in 2020, there is a surge in demand on not only wedding dresses but the seamstresses who will make and, or fit your dress.

Honeymoon Planning

Where will you two celebrate your wedding in a more intimate setting? Although you may want to plan out your honeymoon a bit more, the absolute bare minimum a honeymoon requires are tickets, passports (if foreign travel appeals), money and yourselves. 

We encourage pre-planning your honeymoon.

Choosing hair & makeup artist

We believe a hair & makeup artist or a hair and separate makeup artist will provide that final, dazzling touch before taking pictures and, drum roll, walking down the aisle. You may already have your go-to artists and, therefore, you need only confirm their availability. If you don’t have go-to peeps, an interview process is suggested.

Selecting a cake

Big, smaller and, or live flowers are a few of the decisions you’ll need to make. And let us not forget about the type of cake and frosting.

Writing your vows

This is your and the groom’s opportunity to create the words that express your feelings and commitment to each other. Lifting words, sentences or even entire paragraphs is often helpful as leaning on professional writers can be extremely helpful.

At the end of the day, we suggest you keep it simple unless you’re a professional speaker who is accustomed to public speaking.

Sending invitations

Having written your list of invitees, gathering your besties around a table to collaboratively address, seal and affix stamps can be a fun activity for all. Alternatively, handing off your list and stationary to a professional printer might be the best path for you.

Creating your seating chart

Once you have the confirmed list of attendees to hand we suggest you start off by identifying those people who should in no way sit next to or near another guest. Once you’ve assigned seats to the people residing in this first concentric circle, you can then start assigning seating to people with others with whom they get along famously, or try your hand at matchmaking by seating two specific people next to each other.

Once you’ve sorted people in your first concentric circle, relax and have fun.

The above items or topics are not complete or exhaustive but do represent a fairly good view of all the planning components that should attract your attention starting about 12 months out from your big day.

What about the day of the wedding? We’ve found that no matter how scrupulous your planning there’s always much to manage and that does not include the surprises that invariably pop up.

If we return to your desired outcome for your big day – your wedding will be gorgeous, you’re going to look absolutely radiant and you’ll share and enjoy this most-joyous day with delighted family and friends – we cannot recommend highly enough that you consider engaging a wedding planner, preferably Event Power LA, who will not only provide a professional and experienced hand in planning weddings but will ensure your attention to your big day suffers no distractions.

Congratulations on your engagement!

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