Time, Money and Creativity: Choose two when planning your wedding

We learned long ago,  after planning many successful celebrations, that we have choices when designing an event whether a corporate gathering, private party or a spectacular wedding. Having choices – time, money and creativity – is great news.

Time, money and creativity…

However the not-so-great but not insurmountable news in our experience is that we’re more often than not allowed to choose only two from time, money and creativity. This is not an absolute life axiom but, generally speaking, is the way planning plays out.

Event Power LA highly recommends giving your wedding planning process at least a 12-month pathway to the big day. Allowing yourself a minimum 12-month planning window ensures you’re able to maximize your budget and not contemplate creative work arounds to achieve a desired outcome. 

One example is locking down your wedding venue that might include food and drink is one of your largest budget line items.  With the Pandemic forcing many brides to reschedule and reschedule again, we are seeing venues book at an ever increasing rate. If the location for your big day is not secured at least 12 months in advance, you  might have to become extremely creative to replicate the venue of your dreams that is now out of the running as you’ve left it too late.

If money is not an issue and you’re flexible, you can bring together everything that will go into your big day within a 6-month window, however, we would definitely recommend you seek planning help.

Many of our brides, based on Event Power LA’s input, give themselves a very long pre-wedding planning period and experience great joy in taking the time to enjoy the experience and  exercising their creativity to achieve a spectacular wedding day and honeymoon, all within their originally-assigned budget.

Published by Power Businesses

Power Businesses is comprised of Event Power LA and Flower Power LA. Event Power LA is an event design, planning and management services company serving all of Southern California. Flower Power LA is Southern California's premier floral and decor design studio serving Fortune 500 companies, private parties, and Hollywood movie and television productions.

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