What a fun 2nd Birthday Party!

Every event is special for us but few rivals a second birthday party. Oh, what fun! The first item acquired for this celebration was the birthday girl’s salmon-pink colored dress boasting white daisies and that set the theme for our event design and décor and flowers provided by sister company, Flower Power LA. We wereContinue reading “What a fun 2nd Birthday Party!”

We love identifying decor and prop options

As we slowly emerge from the great shutdown, we are thrilled to be out and about, meeting friends and vendors, all whilst observing social distancing and wearing appropriate personal protection equipment of course. Prop houses provide to us a thrill somewhat similar to the thrill some receive when roaming an art supply store, hardware store,Continue reading “We love identifying decor and prop options”

What might we do to help our clients’ events going forward as planned?

Event Power LA now provide our clients with events already on the calendar with our overview of steps client and Event Power LA may take to ensure to the highest-possible level of certainty the health safety of all attendees. Last week Event Power LA published a brief blog offering up documents published by the WorldContinue reading “What might we do to help our clients’ events going forward as planned?”